3 lakh Indians visited Australia in 2017

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Once UK was the number one travel destinations for Indian travellers but in last few years, Australia seems to have taken the top destination spot. More than 3 lakh Indians visited Australia last year which is much more than any previous year.

As per Tourism Australia, 259,900 Indians travelled to Australia in 2016 and the number increase by 15% in 2017.

About 70 % of Indians visited Australia for leisure (2,11,500) in 2017. Some came here to visit, and others came to meetup their friends and family according to an estimate by Tourism Australia.

Some of them (around 37K) came here for business purpose and rest 19K came here for employment.

The number of Indians who are opting to study in Australian universities is increasing every year. In 2017, around 18,100 came here for education and 14,100 for other purposes.

Trend matters a lot when it comes to Indian visitors especially with students. Knowing that many Indian students are already heading to Australia for study creates a buzz and many others join. Students feel more comfortable going to a new country when they know that many of their friends, neighbours or someone they know have already been there and had a successful visit or stay.

Currently, India is the eighth largest inbound market for arrivals for Australia and there are high chances of the overall visitors to increase in coming years.

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