Australia Immigration levels reach 10-year low!

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As a result of the new rules by home affairs minister Peter Dutton, the number of people permanently migrating to Australia has dropped 10 percent.

This immigration rate is the lowest in past 10 years!

In the past financial year, 21,000 less people were allowed into Australia. 

Further, a crackdown on fraud activities, claims, and visa applications has also contributed to this reduced immigration rate. Immigration now stands at less than 163,000 people annually from a previous peak of 190,000. The 2007-08 recorded intake was 158,630.

Home Affairs Minister said the drop was about “restoring integrity to our border”.

“Looking more closely at the applications that are made. Making sure that we’re bringing the best migrants possible into our country,” Mr Dutton said.

Mr Dutton said the people who were being rejected the most were those making “fraudulent claims”, admitting some people trying to gain access to Australia were “overstating their qualifications” with false documents.

The nation’s immigration intake hasn’t been this low since John Howard was prime minister.

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