Australia’s Population Hit 25 million

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According to ABS, Australia’s population has hit a new milestone and has reached 25 million. 

It is believed that the growth in population has been much quicker than expected. 25 million mark was expected to reach in another 4 years or so though it happened much quicker. 

The reason for this un-expected growth is the continuous growth in migration. People from all over the world come to Australia to call it a home.  

This is a good sign that people from different countries want to live here. They bring their amazing culture, cuisine and of course talent which we is very much welcome in Australia. 

So far, China and India are the two countries which have contributed the most in the migration. These are the two biggest migrant groups in last more than 50 years. 

Since about 2005, we’re receiving more people from overseas than have been added to our population through natural increase, so more migrants than babies.

“The biggest story in the 21st century for Australia is the migration story.” – author and political commentator George Megalogenis

Net overseas migration — the number of arrivals minus departures — currently accounts for 62 per cent of Australia’s growth. Natural increase makes up 38 per cent.

Last time that happened was in the gold rushes of the 1850s.

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