India tops the list of skilled visa immigrants in Australia 

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In last few years, Australia has seen a big surge in overall immigration from India. Around 3 lakh Indians migrated and settled in Australia in last 15 years, according to ABS (Australia Bureau of Statistics).

Most of these skilled migrants have some sort of previous education in India and migrated to Australia for higher education and work. Also, most intend to make Australia as their home in future.

There is of course a good positive vibe here in Australia that attracts international students and skilled workers. The vibe comes from the multi-cultural environment and overall acceptance of Aussies towards the multiculturism.

People from around the world come to Australia for study, visit and work. There are many programs that Australian governments run at state level to support the international community. There are also many international cultural events that happen here in almost every state to celebrate the diversity and individual culture.

Out of 3 lakh Indians who migrated to Australia between 2000 and 2016, 154,012 individuals have acquired Australian citizenship, according to a data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Under the family visa programme, China with 95,532 immigrants (14 per cent) ranked first, followed by UK at 60,108 (8.8 per cent) and India at 56,406 (8.3 per cent), the figures revealed.

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