Coronavirus disrupts dreams of Indian students wanting to study Australia

Australia is one of the top destinations currently for Indians especially for those who want to study abroad. However, the Coronavirus has changed the situation a bit and it may get worse soon. 

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, the no. of Indian students and even tourists visiting Australia has gone down since the start of this year. 

COVID-19 has become a major challenge not just for the students but also for the universities and business in Australia. The reduction in the number of students and visitors coming to Australia not just from India but from all over the world is costing the Australian economy millions of dollars. 

Indian and Chinese make the most of the tourism and student traffic in Australia. With lockdowns going around the world, it is no doubt that this will further impact the plans of international students and the economic status of Australian universities very badly. 

India has been the second-largest source country for international students globally, second only to China

Students are worst effected with Coronavirus. They prepare for years, write several examinations including IELTS or TOEFEL, approach consultants and plan much ahead in identifying study destinations and working towards them. 

Last year, over 7.5 lakh Indian students opted to study at universities abroad with the US, Canada, Australia remaining the top aspirational destinations followed by UK and Germany. The unexpected outbreak of Corona has disembarked such aspirations of young Indians. For the academic year starting August-September, students should have ideally started Visa applications that have come to a grinding halt at present.

If you are an Indian who came to Australia as a student, you would understand the kind of preparation and things you have to go through to plan your whole study visa, tickets, finding university, finding the right agent, planning finances and so on. The list is long. Imagine, after making all those plans and going through an arduous journey, you hear that your destination country is now in lockdown and no one is allowed to come in. 

Australia universities are also suffering millions of dollars of loss from students who can’t come to study due to lockdown. 

As per PM’s latest public appearing, the situation is most likely going to stay like this for the next 6 months. So, brace yourself and remain mentally prepared for similar tough situations for almost the end of the year.