Importance of a migration agent in Applying for visas

Australia is a country of opportunities, and it is also among the best countries where immigrants land to realize and achieve their goals over a period of time. People from all over the world come here to study, travel or migrate. Having the right knowledge of visas from the right source is very important for anyone who is keen to travel, work or stay here. 

While applying for migration to Australia, a formal Visa application has to be filed before the authorities, and this is where the discussing of the role of migration agent becomes important. 

Before you make your choice of migration agent and apply for an Australian visa, it is essential to understand the validity of an agent from every perspective. The first point out rightly is that the agent should be registered with the office of the migration agent registration authority (MARA). The agent needs to hold a seven-digit registration number, and this is obligatory. HERE you can search the register of a MARA agent. 

The Australian Registered Agents comes under: 

  • Australian Consumer Protection Law.
  • Code of Conduct as prescribed in the migration act 1998.
  • Migration Regulations 1994.
  • Australian Crimes Act 1914.
  • Criminal Code Act 1995.
  • The Trade Practices Act 1974.

Every client comes under the natural protection offered to them by these laws, once he or she engages the regular services of a Registered MARA Migration Agent. And just in an event where you are in a hurry of hiring any unregistered broker, you will quickly put yourself to high risks. Such risks may even put a big question mark on your identity.  

Benefits of MARA migration agent:

Here is a quick look on the benefits of hiring a MARA migration agent:


A MARA approved migration agent will follow the code of conduct religiously. The agent is realistic about your chances of getting the Australian Visa approved. 


He is the competent professional who can offer services and charge fee after a mutual agreement is signed between you and him on the paper. The agreement provides details of costs involved for services in addition to the professional fee. MARA migration agent will keep you updated on the progress of the Visa Application and also apprise you of the result of application.   


You do not have to worry about anything connected to migration, because the agent already has got immense knowledge of Australian immigration laws and the set of procedures. 


The MARA registered migration agent will provide you with professional advice on every aspect of Australian immigration process. He is not going to make any unrealistic promises, or anything that is overexaggerated. 


The migration agent will help a prospective Visa applicant by preparing a well-prepared application along with necessary documents. This would give you the advantage as a quick decision can be made on your Visa application. 


The migration agent will guide you appropriately on the outcome of your Visa application. This is essential from your perspective.


They handle your case in a professional way, and you will feel happy that your Visa application is in right hands. 

In succinct, when you have chosen Australia, and planned to move there, maybe either for one or the other purpose, you should make sure that you employ a MARA approve agent before you conduct yourself in anything else.