Coronavirus: Struggling Indians on Work or Students Visa are pleading to the Indian govt to repatriate them home

indians in Australia stuck coronavirus

The students and workers from India who recently came to Australia for either study or work are requesting Indian govt. to send them back home in India due to the Coronavirus crisis situation.

A group of almost 200 people have appealed to the Indian High Commission to help them return to India amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Students usually have limited money to spend when they go to another country for studies and rely on part-time work to cover their living expenses. A typical student would have a few weeks worth of money when they arrive here and plan to start a part-time job asap so they can start covering their expenses. 

But now due to closure of restaurants, cinemas, pubs, retail stores and many more, the student’s either lost their part-time jobs or can’t find a new one. 

This is the reason, over 200 are pleading to Indian govt. to repatriate them home so they can get back to their families in India. 

Many on a work visa are in a similar position.

“We can understand it might be tough for everyone as the country is struggling to juggle everything at the moment, but I hope you can understand where we are coming from. Please let us know if it is at all possible. We would just like to urge you to consider our humble request for us to come back to our country,” an appeal reads.

Ram Tiwari lost his job three weeks ago.

“I am not able to pay my rent. I am using the bond money to pay the rent for some time. But how long will that go? I have no source of income. My savings are going away too.”

India has recently announced something which is extraordinary. PM Modi announced that the whole nation of 1.3b people will be in lockdown for 21 days. This is the biggest lockdown in history. As a result, flights are not coming in or going out. On the other side, Australia has also closed its borders and no international person and come or go out unless they are citizens. All of this was announced in March 2020. At the time of writing this article, many Indian nationals who came here for study or work are stranded and desperate to go back to India because soon they will run out of money and they will have nowhere to go.