Reasons Behind the Growth of Indian Tourists in Australia

Indian tourist growth in Australia

Indian tourist growth in Australia
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The number of Indian tourists visiting Australia is increasing boosting Australian tourism.

The reason behind this is a growing Indian diaspora in the country.  A large number of tourists enter Australia to meet friends and relatives in the country. The number of Indian tourists jumped by 15 % to 343,000 tourists. The visitor consumption expenditure by Indian tourist accounts has increased by 12 % to  1.7 billion dollars. 

An average tourist from India spends  61 nights within Australia, as compared to an international average of 31 nights. There has been a 30 % increase in the number of Indians living within Australia to 592,000.

The country hosts 70,000 students from India within its universities. The country has the seventh-highest amount of international visitors to Australia  There has been a 95 % increase in the number of visitors since 2005. 

An average Business traveller from India spends 26 nights in Australia and spends 5420 dollars within the country.  There are 43,309 business travellers from India and with an increase of 10.6 % from the last year. The number of educational visits count to 26,623 visitors and this has increased by 26 %.

There are 21,886  people that come for employment inside Australia with the total amount of change amounting to 4.6 %. The highest number of visitors from India come on holiday.

So why this growth?

The Commonwealth of Australia is renowned for its scenic beauty and wildlife parks. It is perceived as a safe destination and is with low crime rates. The country is also a host for a wide variety of culinary experiences, cruise shipping and adventure sports. 

In 2017, there were more repeat visitors than first-time visitors in the country. Australia provides Indian tourists with high-end retail, gambling and entertainment opportunities.

Australia is looking for sustainable growth in the tourism sector and is looking for fast visa processing and a more consistent visa outcome. Looking at this growth, there will be an increase in direct flights from India to Australia. 

The country looks to benefit from the influxes of an Indian population and looking to use its warm relationship with India to foster intercultural exchange with Australia. Tourism contributes 3.6 % to the total GDP and provides jobs to 646,000 people within the country. There are over 9.3 million visitors in Australia, which shows an increase of 4.9 %.  

There has been an increased awareness of Australia within India, as the country holds a larger digital presence for tourism.  Australia has gained many celebrity endorsements and given competitive filming packages to the Indian film industry. This country is willing to reduce barriers to travel and wants to showcase it’s diverse offering to prospective Indian tourists.